Edukasi Serta Penyuluhan Pengelolaan Limbah Plastik Ke Dalam Ecobrick


  • Ika Candra
  • Alfi Abdul


Education, Counseling, Plastic Waste Management


This research focuses on education and outreach efforts regarding plastic waste management by utilizing the Ecobrick method as an environmentally friendly alternative solution. The main aim is to increase public awareness of the dangers of plastic waste and invite them to play an active role in reducing plastic waste in innovative and sustainable ways. Through a series of educational and outreach activities, participants will be given an in-depth understanding of the process of making Ecobricks, their benefits for the environment, as well as practical steps for implementing them in everyday life. It is hoped that through participation in this activity, the community can change their mindset and behavior regarding plastic waste management, and become agents of change that contribute positively to environmental sustainability.




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Ika Candra, & Alfi Abdul. (2024). Edukasi Serta Penyuluhan Pengelolaan Limbah Plastik Ke Dalam Ecobrick. ABDIMAS Rekayasa Dan Terapan : Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Rekayasa Dan Terapan, 1(1), 05–09. Retrieved from